The SPADE anchor is manufactured in three materials (Steel, Aluminium, and Stainless Steel), and in twelve sizes.

Hi-tensile steel versions are hot-dip galvanised. All SPADE anchors of the same size, regardless of the material they are made of, will work with the same efficiency.

You will find all technical data on the appropriate technical details page.

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Note : Plough shaped anchors are designed to plough the sea floor, as they move through it – hence the name. SPADE anchors by name, and by action, dig deeply into the sea floor.

Once they are within the sea floor, the concave shape of SPADE anchors is designed to compact the sea floor, and thus not to move! This design is unique.

Seven Safety criteria (Summary)

(for further detail see technical details)

At SPADE we never refer to an anchor’s weight, but rather to its effective surface area.

The remarkable efficiency of a SPADE anchor is due to the size, and shape, of its effective surface : SPADE anchors of the same surface area will have the same holding power, no matter the material they are made of. All models meet the seven safety criteria :

– 1. The anchor must dig in rapidly, regardless of the type of sea bottom.

– 2. The anchor must bury itself deeply within the bottom.

– 3. Once set, the anchor must give the maximum holding power without dragging.

– 4. If the traction force exceeds the bottom holding characteristics, the anchor must offer constant, and maximum, resistance to dragging – even if it moves under extreme load.

– 5. The anchor must keep on holding, regardless of the shift in direction of either the wind or the current.

– 6. The anchor design must not allow the anchor rode to become snagged by the anchor.

– 7. The anchor must be built strongly enough to withstand very high loads.

There’s no need to worry any more !

The SPADE anchor is a very safe anchor. It’s also very easy to use :

– doesn’t require you to use any special mooring line, or anchoring technique

– can be used with a low rode-length to depth ratio

– is painted bright yellow so you can visually check how well it’s dug in

– is self-launching, and self-retrieving

– fits snugly on most bow rollers, presenting a rounded forward surface

– can be easily dismantled into shank and body, for storage or transport

We offer a six month, full satisfaction warranty to allow you to check for yourself the efficiency of the SPADE anchor.