SPADE anchor by Press

FRANCE – Voiles et Voiliers Magazine (July 2009) Big anchors test : “SPADE, the Star of the test” :

“ Spade, a must of resistance : Thanks to its design and to its ballasted tip, the Spade digs in every single time until full disappearing.

The Spade digs immediately and has been the only one to reach 2 tons of traction in less than 1 minute (constant holding). Above 2.1 Tons, we had to stop the test at the risk of seeing wedges tearing away from the deck !!! “

FRANCE – Voile Magazine (May/June 2009) The guide l’équipement 2009 :

Spade steel S80 33lbs : “We said it, this model has been tested in the worse conditions by the crew or the RM1200 during its long Mediterranean cruise.

The Spade was atrip only once, in Tunisia…because it landed on top of an agricultural cover which lied at the bottom of a foredeck.

Its high price is justified by a quite elaborate manufacturing (bevelled shank) aiming to facilitate the burying by loading the tip.

The Spade also exists in stainless steel, but the added value of this material is mainly aesthetic.”

Spade Alu A60 12lbs kgs : “The geometry of this model in aluminium is strictly identical to the one of models in galvanised steel and stainless steel.

Its behaviour and holding power are also the same, thanks to the ballasted tip which positions well the ploughshare and guarantees an immediate set in.

During our tests in 2005, the shank had twisted under a load of 1000 kg drive.

The shank has since been strengthened and no alarming return was noticed “.

Sword 33lbs : “The Sword has the same patented geometry as the Spade, the top end model of STF (Sea Tech & Fun), but has a more rudimentary manufacturing which makes it more affordable.

We notice in particular that the tip is not ballasted, and the shank is full and not bevelled as the Spade.

Due to this, the weight repartition is more homogeneous, and thus a priori less favorable to a good positioning”


FRANCE – Voile Magazine (May 2009) Page 123 : “Un Sun Odyssey 45.2 stripped” « It’s worth noting that the

anchor SPADE with ballasted tip offers a guarantee of serenity in the windy mooring of the Caribbeans.”



FRANCE – Loisirs Nautiques n°432 (December 2007) “Catamaran PHISA 42 : SPADE anchor primary mooring. “4 well deserved stars for anchoring convenience “


FRANCE – Motor Boat and Voiles magazine (November 2001)

– TESTS Steel SPADE Test : “This anchor proved very efficient, moreover the criterias chosen by the manufacturer make it a reassuring/securing product”.

Aluminium SPADE test : “An excellent holding power on two types of grounds. The load picked up is important and when it trips, this anchor does it slowly and in a constant way”


FRANCE – Voiles et Voiliers (December 1999) SPADE anchor is elected “coup de coeur”. “its efficiency is such that it should spread amongst deep-sea cruisers.”



FRANCE – Bateaux N° 495 (august 1999) \ Neptune Moteur N° 40 (june 1999) Neptune Moteur and Bateaux published a comparative study on the most common anchors on the market, in real mooring conditions.

Their results : for identical design and surface area the anchor’s weight has nearly no influence on the holding results (as demonstrated by the SPADE anchor).

The steel anchor SPADE has been selected as the best anchor : “immediate setting and remarkable holding”. The aluminium SPADE anchor has been selected as the best anchor : “aluminium equivalent to steel”


GERMANY – Transocean – N° 79 – January 1998 “It’s not my job to research all the new products on the marine market, or to promote them. However, when I come across something really valuable, I feel I really must let the world know”.



ENGLAND – Yachting World – February 2001 The ARC rally of “Firefly” I left the two STAR products for the end. The true STAR was the pilot Autohelm 7000… The second STAR product was not used at all during the crossing.

In fact, it was not used at all until we arrived in St Lucia, and there, it was described as “absolutely brilliant” by a full-time confirmed sailor.

It is the SPADE anchor, a very recent innovation designed by a French amateur sailor Alain POIRAUD, who wanted to gather the benefits of several kinds of anchors in one.

The Spade sets very quickly and holds exceptionally well – in fact, so well at times that the electro windlass could not break it out and we had to motor it out.

We use the recommended 44lbs size.

All details, price and information for ordering are on their website :

The Spade has very good reviews in publications all over the world and performed in an excellent manner in numerous tests. I AM IMPRESSED… Andrew BRAY – Chief Editor of YACHTING WORLD

ENGLAND – Practical Boat Owner n° 391 July 1999 “I was tired of anchoring problems, and I chose the new SPADE anchor because it has the optimal tip-weight, the ideal contact geometry for rapid penetration, and an effective surface area of concave profile which will guarantee it the highest holding resistance. In short, the designer got it all right ! Three months of navigation later, I have found it to be a very good choice.”


USA – Pratical Sailor December 2001 Gear of the Year : Top 10 Products for 2001 Making its second appearance in the Gear-of-the-year derby, the aluminium SPADE anchor has been a stand-out in Practical Sailor’s series of anchors tests.

Anchoring is a complicated undertaking made even trickier by widely varying conditions.

The multiple-test approach and the SPADE’s consistent showing make it the first product to make two appearances on Gear-of-the-Year lists.

It costs a great deal of money, but in the PS tests it at performed at or near the top of the heap in all conditions. It sets well, despite its light weight, and stows and handles easily.


USA – Pratical Sailor April 2000 “To order and receive a SPADE anchor has been very easy.

We faxed our order and received it directly at home within the delivery timing. (…) During the test on two boats in full wind, not only did the Spade hold the first one but also the second one… It is an impressive performance !”


ETAT-UNIS – Pratical Sailor August 1999 Letter written by Chuck Hawley, Vice president of the major American Shipchandler WEST MARINE.

Chuck Hawley, an expert with regards to anchors, wrote the following : Until recently, I had not tested the SPADE, but I was curious due to the numerous comments made my amateur sailor friends (…) I finally was able to test the aluminium and steel versions (…). Both anchors have set at once and held way over 1000 lbs during each of our tests.

After pulling each sample, we released the mooring line and pulled again in a direction of about 60° from the original direction, as if the boat had yawed… Both anchors have held above 1000 lbs. The anchor never dragged. My conclusion : very promising…


ETAT-UNIS – Pratical Sailor November 1999 SPADE anchor is ranked “PRODUCT OF THE YEAR”.



ETAT-UNIS – Pratical Sailor Volume 25 January 1999 “In the sand, the SPADE was ranked at the top of 15 anchors and brought shame on the others.

Each time the anchor was thrown in the water, it has set in at once and has slowly brought the dynamometer almost immediately to its limit.

It seems that its designer has achieved a remarkable progress”.


ETAT-UNIS – Practical Sailor – February 1998

“This anchor seems extremely simple and very promising. Its concave shape must bring a holding power higher than anchors in shape of plough such as the CQR and the Delta”.




ETAT-UNIS – Seven Seas Cruising Association – May 1998 “The best holding power, for evident reasons is obtained by the concave surface of the SPADE anchor”.



ETAT-UNIS – Cruising world – November 1998 “(…) in particular, the SPADE concept has the best attack geometry for penetration and the shape that gives the highest holding coefficient.

It is not surprising that it shows an excellent penetration and the highest holding power.”