YOU ARE ON THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE MANUFACTURER OF THE FAMOUS HIGH PERFORMANCE ANCHOR, SPADE ANCHOR : The largest choice on the market with all references in stock !!!

You will find on this website all the information concerning our Spade ancho

>>> VOILES ET VOILIERS (France) : “SPADE, still on top !” April 2021

>>> VOILES ET VOILIERS (France) : “Star of the test” / comparative test July 2009

>>> VOILES ET VOILIERS (France) : “Coup de Coeur” at the Paris Boat Show


>>> YATCHTING WORLD (UK) : “Absolutely Brilliant”


>>> YATCHTING WORLD (UK) : “Absolutely Brilliant”

>>> PRACTICAL SAILOR (USA) : “Product of the year”

SPADE anchor delivered at your place within 24 hours in France and within 5 days in Europe : Click here to order

SEA TECH & FUN EUROPE European platform of the SEA TECH &FUN manufacturer, welcomes you to visit its new website where you will find all the information on our SPADE anchor.

As a manufacturer of this high performance anchor, we own the SPADE patents exclusive operation. Thanks to the opening of its European platform in the south of France, Sea Tech & Fun can attend to all its customers.

The SPADE anchor is declined in three materials (Steel, Aluminium, and Stainless Steel), that is 25 references, from the lightest 6 lbs to the heaviest 165 lbs.

But the well-known performances of the SPADE anchor are not due to its weight, but to its concave spade surface (unique characteristic). Whichever the material may be, the anchor’s efficiency remains the same.

We are also the manufacturer ofThe SKREW anchor.

Some call it skrew anchor and others helicoïd anchor. This anchor, exclusively aimed for permanent mooring, completely ecological, has an incredible success.