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ANCRE de bateau : Fabricant de la fameuse Ancre SPADE. ANCRE SPADE, l’ancre brevetée haute performance qui domine tout les tests, de plus en plus demandée. ANCRE SKREW, l’ancre à hélicoïdale, qui vient d’être modifiée, pour tous vos mouillages permanents. L’ancre à vis … respectons les fonds marins. Nos ancres sont conçues pour vous assurer un maximum de sécurité par tous fonds, et toutes circonstances. Ceux qui l’ont adopté le disent : SPADE LA MEILLEURE ANCRE SUR LE MARCHE DU NAUTISME. De nombreux témoignages sur notre Ancre Spade nous parviennent régulièrement. Essayer l’Ancre Spade, c’est l’adopter.

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La SPADE vue par les clients

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Alain, I would just like to thank you for inventing such a great anchor.I have a 35 foot racing/cruising catamaran, a Tek 35, and a few years back, when equipping the new vessel, I ordered two 15 pound spade aluminum anchors, to keep the weight on the boat to a minimum. I put them on 20 feet of chain, and then 5/8" line. I always dig them in using the boats backwards momentum, as I cannot generate any appreciable pull using my motor. They always catch and hold, and this is a good thing, as I am singlehanding with my 5 and 8 year old sons for my only crew. As I often like to anchor in close quarters, either with other boats or rocks nearby, a missed set with an anchor would lead at best to a serious scramble to keep out of troubleand at worst to damamge ! Their holding power has also been useful when a 55 foot powerboat drifted down on us, or when we sat out Hurricane Isabel I write this sitting out 25 knot winds (for a week !) in the Bahamas, the second time this winter we have had such extended times of strong wind. We have gone to help other boats who have dragged, but are secure in knowing we are staying put.

James Hancock SV Solstice

I replaced a CQR with a Spade three years ago and am 100 per cent satisfied with the Spade. It holds exceptionally well, much better than the ***. Also, I have watched others drag whilst we remained firmly in place. The Spade has always remained firmly set in all conditions although the highest wind speed I have experienced has only been gusting 40 knots.

My wife and I have carried a 22kg Spade Anchor aboard our yacht for more than four years and 11,000 miles of international cruising, and we consider it to be the ULTIMATE anchor ! It launches more easily, sets faster, holds better, breaks out more quickly and stows more conveniently than any other anchor we own

West Marine

This is Chuck Hawley from West Marine. I’ve been testing anchors for over a decade in the same location off of Santa Cruz Harbor. The smallest alloy Spade is able to withstand almost full power from a 170HP Yanmar and a 16" propeller on Showtime, our Fortier 26 test boat. It has only failed to hold over 1,000 lb once, and in that case it held 800 lb. Our veering test was to set it at 1,000 lb, then slack the line and to run the boat at 6 knots perpendicular to the previous direction of pull. The anchor did not release, and slowed Showtime so violently that most testers were knocked off their feet. This is a superior anchor design, and it’s what Randy Repass, West Marine’s Chairman, selected for his new cat-ketch


We cruised with a spade anchor on our PDQ36 cat for more than a year. We had the aluminum one too. here’s what we thought. The spade is a GREAT anchor ! It held like a rock in ALL conditions and all bottoms. The aluminum was good because we could easily raise it even when it was really buried and we could set it by hand when we dove on it if necessaryThey are worth the investment. It’s amazing to watch them set in clear water, you see why they work so well !

Location : Ft. Lauderdale Cruised on a friends boat and anchored with a Spade (Alu) .I drove the boat and set the anchor in a very familiar spot.(Half sand, half mud)The spade set right away, and I gradually went full power in reverse and held the power at full for a little, just to "check" the Spade out. I was impressed, it did not budge.


…again used our Spade anchor. It was worth every penny (thanks everyone). It sets fast, digs in quick and holds strong. We have yet to drag on it. I have started diving on the anchor to check it set,


For what it’s worth, we’ve anchored regularly on a Spade anchor with 50m chain, and never dragged, or even had to re-set when anchoring.

Langkawi : 2nd January 2005

We were away from our base at Telaga Harbour, Langkawi, Malaysia, cruising in Thailand.

Sunday morning we spent on the beach snorkeling and were just returning to our boat in the dinghy under oars when we became aware of a very large breaking wave moving along the rocky shore towards us. The current surged violently preventing us getting back on board. By rowing vigorously We managed to keep on the back of the wave.

Our catamaran stayed put although the current must have exceeded 15 knots and the depth have increased to about 40 feet. A lot of credit must go to the designer of our anchor — a design known as the ’Spade’ (20kg) It held in extreme conditions on what became a very short scope.

Dennis & Dorothy Noble from Dorset, England


We also have a Spade anchor and have been cruising for two years now. Anchor has never let us down. Held perfectly in 60kts for three hours one night.
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